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PLEASE WAIT to be SEATED - Bondi Chair

NOK 3.421

Anything named after the famous beach will have the waveform at its heart. Like the Opera House in Australian designer Fräg Woodall’s hometown of Sydney.


The BONDI chair is inspired by Woodall’s earliest memories of watching artisans at work, fascinated by the way they joined and fitted timber. The seat is neat, precise and no-frills, with a crisp, beach-friendly curve. A touch eccentric yet witty, fresh and confident, this is a hard-working, cheerful and characterful chair that would sit just as comfortably in a busy restaurant or café as in a kitchen or dining space at home.

Designer Fräg Woodall
Material Natural matt lacquered ash or stained in Ash Grey, Fig Purple, Indian Red, Turmeric Yellow or Black.